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Classic audiobooks, guided

to help you get more from your listening time

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What does reading mean to you?

For us it is joy and relaxation. It's seeing ourselves in others and others in ourselves. It's learning about different people, times and places, all while sinking into the right now. It’s the best bit of every day.

A watercolour of Jane Eyre sitting in a window nook reading a book surrounded by feathers

Your Audrey Guide will share their reflections on the book, helping you digest the big ideas and the little details. They’ll share their knowledge of the book’s cultural and historical context, curate playlists and reviews, and research the author’s life for you. All while helping you keep track with chapter recaps and a much-needed character map. Kind of like a book club for one.

Audrey is the ultimate reading companion

Painting of three children from The Secret Garden, two skipping and one in a wheelchair, on the moors.

Curated classics

Audrey supports you through the classic fiction you've always wanted to read.

Audrey Guide

To help you get immersed in the story, your guide will share historical context, author insights, real-life photos, a book-inspired playlist and more

Bitesize chunks

All of the extra on Audrey come in notes that appear as you listen to the book, so you can learn and reflect in a meaningful, digestible way.

Characters and recaps

Each audiobook comes with chapter recaps and character descriptions, meaning you'll always know what's going on.

three screenshots, one with the cover of The Great Gatsby with a panting of a man looking out at a dark blue sea, one with the player screen with a yellow car illustration, and one with chapter recaps

Audrey gives you the space to get more out of books

By selecting only the best classic audiobooks and pairing them with an expert literary guide, Audrey encourages you not just to listen, but to think more deeply about the story, its context and its themes.

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Hand-crafted by book lovers.

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