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jane eyre reading berwick's history of british birds in a bay window

Illustration by Yui Kajita

Listen to

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“The audiobooks are all brilliant and the guides have helped me understand the texts in a deeper way.” – Charlotte

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“I love the voice clips, historical context and quotes. This is why I would listen to a book on Audrey instead of another platform.” – Gabriela

Listen to the classics alongside a literary guide

Find notes after each chapter on the author's life and the book's historical and cultural context, as well as your guide's personal reflections and questions to ponder or discuss.

two screenshots, with notes from the guide for The Secret Garden. One shows an audio note about Misselthwaite and a black and white photo of a mansion; the other shows a map of colonial India

“The listening equivalent of travelling first class” – Sally

Join a community of book lovers

Take part in our monthly listen-alongs, or find support to build a reading habit.

three schedules for listen-alongs. One for The Secret Garden, one for Mrs Dalloway, one for Oscar Wilde October

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Stay on track with recaps and characters

Made to avoid spoilers, get chapter recaps and character descriptions that update as you listen.

two screenshots from the Audrey app. One shows chapter recaps for Jane Eyre, the other shows character description of Mr Rochester and his relations

Hand-crafted by book lovers.

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