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Audrey for Teams

Bring your team together over fiction

Why should my team read fiction together?

Reading and discussing fiction increases empathy levels and helps us navigate interpersonal interactions - making for a friendlier, more inclusive and better-connected workplace.

It also improves our sleep, reduces stress and promotes calmness, concentration and confidence, making for healthier, happier employees.

Audrey gets people having meaningful and personal conversations, whether it’s over slack, a coffee, or the photocopier.

Audrey offers:

  • each of your employees a mobile app with unlimited access to our curated selection of audiobooks and short stories;

  • a dedicated Slack or MS Teams channel to encourage regular listening, engagement and discussion;

  • live in-person or online discussion groups, facilitated by us;

  • a maintained curated book shelf in your office.

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Hand-crafted by book lovers.

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