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Audrey for teams

Bring your team together over a good book

Why is reading good for employee wellbeing?

Reading or listening to fiction significantly reduces stress and promotes calmness, confidence and concentration at home and at work. It has also been proven to increase our empathy levels and enable us to see problems from new and diverse perspectives.

Reading the same book at the same time as the people around you is a truly connective experience. The plot and characters of a good book are a fantastic way to open conversations in which we're likely to share our own lived experiences, discuss how to resolve difficult situations and share our different perspectives.


In our experience, this all makes for a friendlier, more inclusive and better-connected workplace.

To learn more, read our blog posts on how Audrey book clubs can improve company culture and how listening to and discussing audiobooks improves our mental health. ​

How will Audrey get my team reading together?

To encourage your colleagues to build a healthy habit of reading fiction, we will give every team member free access to the whole Audrey audiobook library of curated classic fiction, run regular book clubs, and organise fun (maybe even slightly competitive) reading challenges.

Audrey will send regular encouragement to get the team reading more and report back regularly with statistics like how many hours the team has listened to each month, which books have been most popular, and who your workplace's most voracious readers are!

If you’re curious, reach out to Rob at [email protected] to find out more.

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