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Our Team

Audrey is made up of a very small core team: Rob the founder, Lucy the editor, and Ari the developer.


There are of course many other brilliant people involved in making Audrey the wonderful project it is, not least our guides, illustrators, audiobook narrators and producers, and all our lovely listeners!


Rob has a background in psychology and came to the idea of reading aloud initially as a therapeutic activity. After a decade teaching in secondary schools, he created Read with Audrey, an initiative to get people reading stories aloud to one another over the internet. This project has developed, over time, into Audrey as we know it today. He is also a youth football coach, keen swimmer, poor surfer and occasional Lego builder.


After studying languages and literature, Lucy became a literary translator, translating Italian novels into English (The Phone Box at the Edge of the World by Laura Imai Messina is the best known one!) As well as books, she is really interested in local food systems and spends every Wednesday volunteering at Norwich FarmShare. Rob has been spotted picking kale and runner beans there once or twice too!


Swapping industrial engineering for the world of software development, Ari has spent the last 8 years as a software consultant. Seeing every line of code as a piece of a creative puzzle, he loves how his work lets him blend logic with imagination. When he's not deciphering code, you might find him fine-tuning his latest solo music project, out on his bike, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Hand-crafted by book lovers.

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