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  • Can I use Audrey on my tablet, laptop or desktop?
    Unfortunately Audrey is not yet optimised for non-mobile devices. Although you may be able to download it on your iPad or tablet, it probably won't work as intended 😔
  • Can I listen to Audrey audiobooks in the car?
    Yes! We recommend switching hands-free mode on, which you can do by pressing the little timer icon next to the play button.
  • I've got a promo code. How do I use it?
    If it's your first time using the Audrey app, you'll be prompted to enter your promo code soon after signing up. If you've already got the app, you'll need to go to your settings, and click 'Redeem'.
  • How do I download the Audrey app?
    If you have an iPhone, you can download the Audrey app for free from the App Store. If you have an Android phone, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store. The Audrey app currently only works on mobile devices.
  • How do I choose a book?
    Once you've downloaded the app and signed up, you'll see our library of books. We have divided them up into categories to help you find something that suits your mood and interests. If you scroll to the bottom, you'll see a button that says 'See all books'. There you can see all of our books and filter them by categories like 'classic', 'contemporary', 'free' and 'under 3 hours'. The books on Audrey are also listed on the Our books page of our website.
  • How does Audrey work?
    When you listen on Audrey, as well as listening to a brilliantly-performed audiobook, you are accompanied by an expert literary guide. The guide provides notes after every chapter that enable you to better understand the book's historical and cultural context, learn about the author's life, listen to personal reflections, see photos of the real-life places in the book and much more. You also have chapter recaps, character descriptions, a book-inspired playlist and a series of beautiful illustrations, creating – we hope! – an immersive, informative and interactive reading experience ✨
  • What is Audrey?
    Audrey is a guided audiobook app and community of people from around the world who want to read more classic literature. On the Audrey app we curate classic novels and short stories and pair each one with a friendly literary guide and and hand-made illustrations, offering a supportive, immersive and informative way to read the classics. We run monthly listen-alongs where you can listen at the same time and discuss the book with others from around the world. Our aim is to make classic literature more accessible and to harness the therapeutic and connective power of talking about a good book. Audrey is available world-wide on iPhone and Android devices (mobile only).
  • Do you use AI to create Audrey audiobooks?
    No! Our audiobooks are all read by real people who have warm voices, life experiences and are vulnerable to all the same emotions when reading as we are ❤️ Our guides are created by real-life experts and enthusiasts in the book or author they're guiding, and have years of hard-earned knowledge and experience behind them. Our illustrations are all created by hand (sometimes with digital tools, sometimes a paint brush) by illustrators who love books and have come up with the illustrations after reading and experiencing the emotion and atmosphere of the book.
  • What countries does Audrey work in?
    You can use Audrey in every country in the world. In fact, as of September 2023 there are Audrey listeners in 139 different countries! 🌏
  • Why would I use Audrey instead of Audible?
    Audrey is a community as well as an audiobook platform. We are a very small team of book lovers who really want you to get more out of your reading and feel confident reading the classics, some of which are challenging. We are also building a friendly and supportive community of listeners to harness the connective power of talking about fiction! Here are three other reasons: 1. Our selection of books is much much smaller than Audible's, because each one is carefully-chosen, and we pass those recommendations on to you so that you don't have to be overwhelmed by choice. 2 . Each book on Audrey comes with an insightful guide that has been lovingly created by a thoughtful and enthusiastic expert so that you can get a lot more out of the book than you would if you were reading without a guide. Each book on Audrey also comes with chapter recaps and character descriptions so that you don't get lost or give up. 3. Finally, if you're conscious about where you spend your money, when you buy an audiobook on Audrey the money goes to paying the fantastic guides and illustrators we work with on each book, our small team who are working tirelessly to continually improve the app and grow the library, and for the licenses for the brilliant audiobooks that have been produced by world-class, independent production houses and some of the best actors in the business (no AI here!).
  • How do the recaps work?
    Each book on Audrey comes with a recap for every chapter, written by the book's guide. To avoid spoilers, these recaps don't appear until after you've finished listening to the chapter in question. You can also use the recaps list to go back and re-listen to a previous chapter. Just press the play button.
  • How does the characters feature work?
    Each book on Audrey comes with a list of descriptions of all the characters in the book. On each character it also shows who they are related to and how. To avoid spoilers, the characters don't appear until after they appear in the book, and their descriptions get updated as you listen.
  • How do the notes from the guide work?
    The Notes from the Guide are updated after every chapter with a small collection of insights, reflections, questions, photos or original illustrations that are relevant to the chapter you've just finished and will help you understand it, digest it and reflect on it, building up a broad and deep understanding of the book as a whole. You can go into the Notes section after each chapter, or you can listen to a few chapters (or even the whole book!) and then catch up on the notes. At the end of each book there are 'End notes' where you get some end-of-book reflections and questions, a curated selection of reviews, recommendations of other books, films, TV shows and podcasts that you might like to dig into before moving on from the book, and a recommendation on what to listen to next on Audrey. Here's an example of guide Jonathan Green's notes to Oscar Wilde's short story The Birthday of the Infanta.
  • How do I re-listen to a chapter I've already listened to?
    Go to the recaps tab and click on the play button next to the chapter you want to re-listen to.
  • Why does the audiobook pause at the end of each chapter?
    Stopping at the end of each chapter is the default setting as we want to encourage listeners to pause to reflect and digest and perhaps to have a look at the notes before moving on with the next chapter in an intentional way. This feels more like the natural behaviour when reading a book with chapters. However you can turn 'hands-free' mode on so that the book will keep playing. We recommend using this when driving, or out walking in the rain!
  • Can I remove a book to make space in my phone's storage?
    Yes you can. Not in a very elegant way at this point, as we haven't built the feature yet, but you can do it by deleting the Audrey app and re-installing it. The app will remember which books you have on your account and your progress through them, but it will delete the data within all the books. You'll then be prompted to re-download each book as and when you want to listen to it, and - the best bit - you'll get the most up-to-date content!
  • Does Audrey work with a screen reader?
    The Audrey app does work with a screen reader on both Android and iPhone devices (the app is mobile only). Once you've selected a book, you can listen to the audiobook, and read all of the extra materials with a screen reader. All of the images in the app and in the guide to each book have alt text.
  • English isn't my first language. Can I use Audrey?
    Audrey is currently only available in English. If you want to read more English literature, particularly the classics, Audrey is a fantastic resource because you can read a recap of each chapter to make sure you caught all the main points, and you'll gain a wealth of historical and cultural context in the notes from the guide. You can also slow the audio down to help you follow 😊 You might find certain books easier to understand than others due to the actors' accents and the style of language. Use the sample on the book info page to get a feel for the narration before you buy!
  • Why would I pay for a book on Audrey when I can get it for free elsewhere?
    There are some brilliant resources out there for reading and listening to classic fiction (like Project Gutenberg and Librivox), but with Audrey you get the support of an expert guide right alongside the book itself, in a way that is convenient, digestible, delightful and gives you the material you need just when you need it! Audrey also supports you in various ways to commit to a book, finish it, and come away feeling you've engaged with it in a meaningful and lasting way. When you buy an audiobook on Audrey, we've already done the hard work of picking through many recordings of the same book by various producers (there are 163 audiobooks of Bram Stoker's Dracula on Audible...), and chosen the one we think is best, both in terms of how the actor brings the book to life and the sound quality. Finally, audiobooks are very expensive to produce, and we pay a license fee to the producers of all the audiobooks on Audrey, meaning the actors, the producers, as well as our guides and illustrators, are paid a fair price.
  • Where else can I get audiobooks that isn't owned by Amazon?
    Spiracle is a lovely platform for curated indie-published books, on Librofm you can support your local bookshop with your audiobook purchases, and XigXag is another pretty good alternative to audible where you can read some books at the same time as listening.
  • How can I become an Audrey Guide?
    It's hard to define what makes a good Audrey Guide, but if you are a reflective and thoughtful person, feel that you have expertise in a particular book or author and are passionate and enthusiastic about sharing that knowledge, get in touch with our editor, Lucy at [email protected].
  • How can I become an Audrey illustrator?
    If you are an illustrator with a passion for classic literature and would like to illustrate for Audrey, email Lucy at [email protected] with your portfolio and a bit about your relationship with books and reading.
  • How do I delete my Audrey account?
    Launch the Audrey app on your device. If you have books saved, go to the settings screen, which you can find in the top left-hand corner of your My Bookshelf screen. Scroll down to the bottom and select Delete Account. You will need to enter your account password to confirm your identity. Please be aware that this action will permanently erase all data associated with your account. IMPORTANT: This includes loss of access to any previously purchased books, and you will not be able to sign in or recover your account thereafter. If you don't have a Book Shelf, copy and paste the following into your mobile browser, and it will send you to the Delete Account screen on the Audrey app: com.audrey.audrey://DeleteAccount This will only work if you are doing it on your mobile with the Audrey app installed. Period of data deletion: Upon the deletion of your account, the data stored and processed by Audrey will be promptly removed. However, it is important to note that data collected by our third-party providers may entail a processing period of up to 28 days for complete erasure. For a comprehensive understanding of the data involved, you may refer to the list below which details the types of data collected, both by Audrey and our third-party associates, as well as insights into the usage and purposes of such data. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].
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