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Be guided through hand-picked audiobooks to get so much more from your listening time

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More than just an audiobook

A great book is a window into a different way of thinking. Audrey goes the extra mile to help you learn from the wisdom of fiction.

Your Audrey Guide will share their reflections on the book, helping you digest the big ideas and the little details. They’ll share their knowledge of the book’s cultural and historical context, curate playlists and reviews, and research the author’s life for you. All while helping you keep track with chapter recaps and a much-needed character map. Kind of like a book club for one.

Audrey is the ultimate reading companion

Hand-picked books

We suggest audiobooks for you just like in your favourite book shop. We promise brilliant fiction on themes that matter today.

Audrey Guide

A friendly guide with a personal connection to the story will share their knowledge, insights, playlists, reviews and more!


We encourage you to listen to a little a day, forming a habit that will lead to a happier, healthier, more mindful you!

Illustrated audiobooks

Each audiobook comes with beautiful illustrations that will capture your imagination and draw you into the world of the book.

Fit the magic of books
into your everyday

We make brilliant fiction slot into your busy life. And we give you all the benefits of reading and learning in a way that feels like play, not work.