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Illustration by Yui Kajita

Listen to

the classics with

an expert guide

“A great way to follow the classics better or get back into reading. It feels like you're going on a journey with someone which is great for getting out of a reading slump.” – K

“Perfect substitute for Radio 4 when the news is so terrible.” – N

“It’s like being in a college class again, the audiobooks are a delight and then the guides are really comprehensive and interesting. It is nice to engage with the reading deeper and makes the stories more approachable.” – P

Stay on track with recaps and characters

Designed to avoid spoilers, get chapter recaps and character descriptions that update as you listen.

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“Audrey is a no-fuss audiobook app catering to those who love classics or are interested in venturing into classics. It perfectly blends an articulate narrator and an insightful literary guide.” – H

“An audiobook app that makes you love the classics and is perfect for people who love to learn a little more about history than just the tale itself.” – S

“An extremely helpful reading buddy, making intimidating texts accessible.” – A

Join a community of book lovers

Take part in our monthly listen-alongs, or find support to build a reading habit.

“Dickens' wordiness got the best of me a couple of times, and my mind wandered, and I was glad to make sure I'd followed the storyline with the recaps. I also lost track of the characters a couple of times and was glad for that feature as well.” – L

“Like a literature lesson without the pressure.” – K

“Audrey is one of the best platforms out there for listening to audiobooks. None can be compared to it. The narration is superb. And what I love best about it is the guided notes at the end of each chapter.” – T

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Listen to the classics alongside a literary guide

Find notes after each chapter on the author's life and the book's historical and cultural context, as well as your guide's personal reflections and questions to ponder or discuss.

two phone screens with images of a map and an old house, notes and voice recordings about The Secret Garden

Hand-crafted by book lovers.

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