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Audrey challenge: 12 classics in 2024

Listen to 12 classics in 2024 with the help of our Audrey guides.

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Listening to the classics, particularly with the support of an Audrey guide and our community, can be a really therapeutic and life-enhancing experience 💛 The simple act of putting your headphones on with an audiobook helps alleviates stress, anxiety and the feeling of loneliness. And the classics are not only full of wisdom from years of readings and interpretations but offer universally resonant perspectives on life, wherever you are.

Sign up to receive more information and inspiration on where to start with the 12 in 2024 challenge. We're also running this as a 'reading challenge' on The StoryGraph that we encourage you to join.

(it's free to take part, by the way) 😊

Why listen to your 12 classics on Audrey, rather than Audible?

The Guide: Each audiobook is paired with an expert guide. Their notes offer a deeper understanding of the narrative, historical context, and reflections on the enduring themes in the book that make these classics so special. You can also expect notes on the author’s life, photos of the real-world places, recipes, videos, a Spotify playlist, and the guide’s own personal responses to certain plot points.

Thoughtful selection: Each book on Audrey has been chosen for specific reasons. These are classics that offer insights we can use today.

Beautiful illustrations: We've paired each audiobooks with a series of hand-made illustrations. The artwork breathes life into the stories and invites the listener to explore deeper meanings within the book.

screen shots of the Audrey audiobook application

Social media assets for 12 in 2024 challenge

Accountability is one of the top ways to achieve a goal, so tell your friend, family and followers that you're doing this! Here are two templates. You can download all the book covers from the Our Books page of our website.

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