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A Christmas Carol listen-along

Listen to Dickens's A Christmas Carol on Audrey and discuss it with a community of like-minded readers as part of our December festive listen-along.

We'll be listening to a selection of festive classics, one of which is A Christmas Carol, and you're invited to join! We'll all be listening to in our own time (trying to stay somewhat close to the schedule!) and discussing in the Audrey Discord channel.

schedule for the listen-along

It's Christmas Eve, and Ebenezer Scrooge wants nothing to do with it. He’d rather not give his clerk a day off, he shan’t be signing up to the local fundraising bid, and his exhaustingly cheerful nephew’s party is simply out of the question. But if the living won’t leave him alone, the dead are even more persistent—and this year, a gaggle of ghosts have made it their mission to bamboozle him out of his misanthropy once and for all.

Charles Dickens’s spectral novella was an instant bestseller in 1843—right at the heart of the Victorian reinvention of Christmas—and has been the stuff of a thousand adaptations and references ever since. Encouraging us to reflect on our own practices of goodwill and generosity as well as being a funny and heart-warming tale, A Christmas Carol is the ultimate festive classic.

A Christmas Carol is read by Kyle Munley, guided by author and academic Nat Reeve and illustrated by Marie Muravski.

illustration of Scrooge counting money in front of a snowy windowoors in the snow with the dates and title of the event

We will also be listening to Great Expectations from December 19th until the end of January. Sign up for that listen-along here.


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