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Can audiobooks improve company culture?

We think so.

The last couple of years have seen a wave of people becoming disengaged with their jobs – whether it’s the ‘Great Resignation’ or ‘quiet quitting’ – it seems we are struggling to find meaning and connection in our work. Rebuilding a sense of belonging in the workplace, particularly in remote teams, might feel like a mammoth task, but it’s surprising what can happen when people listen to a story together.

In recent years lots of research has been done into something that many of us have known since we were small children: that listening to someone reading us a story does wonders for our wellbeing, and makes us feel connected to the people around us.

Some of the other benefits of reading or listening to fiction are: increasing empathy levels, helping us navigate interpersonal interactions, making us think in a more inclusive way, improving our sleep, reducing stress, promoting calmness, concentration and confidence in our daily lives.

Audrey was born out of a personal realisation that I just wasn’t reading fiction anymore. I could blame it on running a business, bringing up children, dishes to wash, too much good TV on. But whatever the cause, I knew I was missing out. We designed the Audrey app to make listening to and reflecting on fiction as easy and appealing as anything else we do on our phones, and to facilitate meaningful conversation and connection between people.

Why not bring some of that magic into the workplace?

And with that we’re launching Audrey for Teams, an integrated tool for facilitating people to listen to fiction with a sense of togetherness and connection.

If you’re curious about trying Audrey for Teams, get in touch.


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