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The Time Machine listen-along: 16th - 31st May 2024 🕰️

Listen to The Time Machine by H. G. Wells with a global community of listeners on Audrey in May 2024.

Read by Roger May, with guide notes from Ellis Walker, Dr Heather Alberro and Erika Harlitz-Kern, and illustrated by Hannah Bruton, we'll be discussing the book as we listen with a community of like-minded listeners on the StoryGraph.

The schedule is below. We'll all be listening to in our own time (trying to stay somewhat close to the schedule!) and discussing over on the StoryGraph. Come and join us!

schedule for the listen-along

Illustration by Hannah Bruton

The book that first popularised the idea of a vehicle in which to travel through time, 'The Time Machine', like much of H. G. Wells's writing, displays an astounding imagination, a prescience of vision, and an inspiring depth of thought on what it means to be human.

We accompany the time traveller to a distant future when the world, and the creatures that inhabit it, are recognisable but eerily different. Wells uses this conceit to talk explore Victorian society's structures around class, race and humanity's relationship with the natural world. His predictions and anxieties still resonate today, raising subjects like gender, vegetarianism and family units.

illustration of a shell and a box, with title Villette

Feel free to save and share these images on social media - the more people we can get listening the merrier!



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