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What If?

Some of the Audrey team have recently been reading From What Is to What If by Rob Hopkins, which is all about how we need to use our imaginations in order to conceive of, and then build, a happier, healthier, more sustainable world. Rob discusses the role of reading and storytelling in this movement…

“As a species, we have evolved over tens of thousands of years to immerse ourselves in stories, to let ourselves be taken on imaginary journeys. A good storyteller can send us to distant realms, warm firesides in imagined castles, impos­ing beanstalks in dreamt-up fields, the hot breath of dragons, the gentle glow of gold in distant caves. That desire to let ourselves be transported is fundamental to our humanity. Stories and myths fulfil that deep need” (p.84).

Storytelling is fruit for the imagination.

Research shows that reading – and fiction in particular – makes us more creative. As we read less, we become less able to spark our imagination, solve problems creatively, and put ourselves in the shoes of others.

Reclaiming time for stories need not be as difficult as you might imagine. We don’t have to read a hundred books a year. Just reading or listening to a ten minute short story is enough to remind us how calming it can be, and to start making sparks fly…

In an attempt to get more people listening to great stories and reaping all the benefits, we’ve got a selection of short stories and a couple of novellas available for free on Audrey. Our thinking is that most of us can make 15 minutes to sink into a short story, and if it’s a positive experience, we might try a novel next.

Let us read more books!


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