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Great Expectations listen-along

Listen to Dickens's Great Expectations on Audrey and discuss it with a community of like-minded readers in December and January.

We'll be starting on December 19th, straight off the back of our A Christmas Carol and Other Festive Favourites listen-along, all the way through to the end of January 2024. We'll all be listening to in our own time (trying to stay somewhat close to the schedule!) and discussing in the Audrey Discord channel. Come and join us!

schedule for the listen-along

"You must have done me far more good than harm, let me feel now what sharp distress I may."

Orphaned Pip stumbles through a miserable existence in the marsh country, menaced by escaped convicts from the local prison ships, and terrorised by his despotic sister. When an invitation comes to visit a wealthy woman in her mysterious up-town house, Pip glimpses a lavish lifestyle he can never have – no matter how much he secretly longs for it.

But his dreams of becoming a gentleman, and their dark and deadly consequences, are far closer than he ever thought possible, and his life is about to be changed forever…

Great Expectations is read by Anton Lesser, guided by author and academic Nat Reeve and illustrated by Marie Muravski.

illustration of a large hulk at sea and a snowy graveyard


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