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Villette by Charlotte Brontë listen-along: 1st - 30th April 2024

Updated: Feb 23

Listen to Villette by Charlotte Brontë on Audrey in April 2024.

Read by Mandy Weston with guide notes from Mariyah Mandhu, Elly McCausland and Sara Gmitter, and illustrated by Yui Kajita, we'll be discussing the book as we listen with a community of like-minded listeners on the StoryGraph.

The schedule is below. We'll all be listening to in our own time (trying to stay somewhat close to the schedule!) and discussing over on the StoryGraph. Come and join us!

schedule for the listen-along

Illustration by Yui Kajita

Though less celebrated than Jane Eyre, Virginia Woolf called Villette Charlotte Brontë's "finest novel" and George Elliot described its power as "almost preternatural". A masterpiece in the secretive, unstable and subversive female narrator, we accompany Lucy Snowe as she embarks on life as a teacher in Belgium.

This edition features guest guide notes from Elly McCausland of 'English Literature: Taylor Swift's version', and Sara Gmitter who is one of very few people brave enough to adapt Villette for stage.

illustration of a shell and a box, with title Villette

Feel free to save and share these images on social media - the more people we can get listening the merrier!



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